Our mission

To rethink customer support for e-commerce, to focus on converting visitors to sales, create personalized experiences for visitors and support businesses build tools for e-commerce.


Our story

zenshop (formally zenquiries) was started in 2019 by Matt.

The idea

Matt's idea was to solve a problem for his fathers watch repair business, dealing with customers was a pain because each customer could have many emails and corresponding with them might be difficult along side many watches. The goal was to correspond with customers and have their repair process in the conversation.

There didn't seem to be a good solution to build business specific tools for micro businesses, so began building a small solution "mend" for the problem.

The pivot

Having now built "mend", Matt began talking to more people also running their businesses, particularly Shopify stores. We thought it would be cool to do the same thing but for Shopify orders. This began the pivot to zenquiries.

zenquiries was launched on the Shopify App store and for a long time went in maintenance mode, with no revisions for over a year. However, over time, gathering knowledge and feedback about the solution, speaking to Shopify stores to understand their problems better.

Development of zenshop

In october 2021 Matt began working on zenshop, a new system to replace zenquiries, with all the learnings from the past. This process would take nearly an entire year of development, it was a huge task!

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