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003 - Custom mailbox domains 💋

  • 10th December 2022
  • You can now register your custom domain for sending and receiving email with zenshop.
  • Personal mailbox for each team member is available.
  • Find out more @ YouTube.

002 - The unicorn has landed 🦄

  • 22nd November 2022
  • We've got a new logo, zenshop has a bright and colorful unicorn to bring magic and speed.
  • Find out more @ YouTube.

001 - Discord Integration has arrived!

  • 15th November 2022
  • We've been hard at work again and this week it's Discord integration.
  • Add the zenbot to your Discord server to benefit from message notifcations as well as being able to reply to conversations.
  • Find out more in your Discord settings page.