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That dress looks beautiful, do you have it in pink?

Time to response


I would like to update my shipping address.

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Can you update me on the order delivery?

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Write templated replies that cover all the common questions, save time by integrating directly with your Shopify order information.

Countless hours saved dealing with repetitive tasks.

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order information

Shopify integration

Integration with Shopify gives you all the important order information at a glance with the conversation.

Information like this dramatically speeds up resolving Customer issues.

Discord integration

Add the zenbot to your Discord server to get notified of new Customer messages and reply to conversations from your Discord.

Working this way enables realtime chats and collaboration with the whole team.

discord integration

Solve problems

before they reach your team

Helpdesk messenger

Provide instant answers to commonly asked questions - saving time for your support team.

Install zenshop today and see how quickly your message volume reduces.

helpdesk messenger
conversation topics

Conversation topics

Prompt Customers into categorizing the conversation so you can automate the resolution.

FAQ articles

Suggest popular articles for your Customers to quickly access, or begin a conversation.

Take the pressure off support Staff by using articles to answer Customer questions.

helpdesk articles

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